I felt comfortable right away with having [William Eadie] handle our mom's case.  His knowledge of nursing homes was exceptional, this included both medical and how they are run.

Mark Maxim Ohio Nursing Home Client February 2, 2017

Michael spent hours getting to know all the details of my aunt's life and going through pictures with us.  It was clear that Michael was an honest and good person who genuinely cared about my family.  These are just the things we saw him do.  I know that he was working around the clock on things we didn't see.

Mark J. Ohio Wrongful Death Client February 11, 2017

We came to Michael Hill with a very complicated legal issue after a loved one died. He navigated my family through the process of recovery and helped us move on with our lives.  I highly recommend Michael Hill and his law firm, Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers.

Anthony F. Ohio Wrongful Death Client March 11, 2017

Attorney Hill was compassionate and really took the time to get to know my family and who our beloved one was. He is excellent at what he does and is highly recommended.

Renita Nicholson Canton, Ohio March 29, 2017

Great lawyers and great people! I worked with Michael Hill on a wrongful death case he handled for my family, and we could not have been more satisfied.

Mark Jung Ohio Wrongful Death Client March 31, 2017

Michael is very trustworthy and reliable. He made himself available to me 24/7 to ensure I was comfortable throughout the entire process not only from a legal perspective, but also on a personal one. I would look to Michael again if I ever needed a lawyer and recommend him with my highest regards.

Evan Foley Ohio Client June 30, 2017

Will and the group at Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers are very personable and knowledgeable. They are easy to talk to and make you feel comfortable.

Karen Thomas October 31, 2017

Every step of the way, you guys have been wonderful through everything. It seems like you two are my brothers now. That’s how much confidence we had in both of you.

Karen Crawford Ohio Nursing Home Client December 10, 2017

Michael and Will are forever part of our lives and our Family. I am forever grateful to both of them, and I am honored to call them my friends.

Marilyn Mazzone Cleveland, Ohio Nursing Home Client December 29, 2017

I spoke with Will this evening regarding some personal matters. Will was very pleasant and easy to talk to. He listened to all of my questions and concerns, and gave some excellent advice and guidance. Thank you!

Melissa Vecchio December 31, 2017

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Will Eadie and Michael Hill.  Great Attorneys, dedicated to their clients.  I worked with Will on a large complex case and can say he has a knack for dealing with large litigation matters that others would be scared to take.

Daniel Myers Ohio Attorney December 31, 2017

Michael Hill is an anomaly. When most people think of a lawyer they are just a piece of a necessary situation to get an outcome they desire. Some lawyers are personable and easy to work with, but Michael Hill made the process of one of the biggest hardships I’ve experienced the best it could have been. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in this field of practice he displays an immense amount of patience in making sure you are understanding each piece of the puzzle every step of the way. He is successful in the court room, strong in depositions, and always gives 150%. He is the best you’ll find. Having a stranger immerse themselves in your life in times of hardship is uncomfortable, but Michael made me and my family feel like we’ve known him for years. He will be a forever friend of mine and I know that every day he’s having an incredible impact on those around him and his clients.

Amy Mirlisena December 4, 2018

I am so relieved that I chose to bring my legal matter to Eadie Hill trial lawyers. Michael is a dedicated attorney who handles his clients with the utmost care. He is professional, personable, and compassionate. From the first call with Michael I knew that I made the right decision. If I ever need a lawyer for another legal matter I would not hesitate to call Michael again.

Kyle Havelka December 4, 2018

Michael, I cannot thank you enough for what you were able to do for my family. I never doubted staying with you as a client when you left the larger law firm. We can start a new chapter of our life, and we have your law firm to thank.


Wendy Tomblin December 12, 2018

You should call Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers because they are reliable and understanding of their different clients needs and situations. Overall trustworthy.

Sloan Tomblin December 12, 2018

My husband's case was handled in less than a year. I was very surprised by Eadie Hill's sense of urgency. Eadie Hill also obtained a much larger amount of compensation than I expected. I was very pleased with the outcome of my husband's case.  I really don't know how you could have done better.

Suzanne G. July 14, 2019

When I spoke with Mr. Eadie and he decided to take the case, he was very caring, empathetic, and very understanding of what our Family had gone through and what we were about to continue going through.

Mr. Eadie and Mr. Hill did a Super job holding those accountable for the pain my Brother suffered in the last year of his life.

Our Family is forever grateful for your Phenomenal Service, and we thank the both of you. You're Amazing!!

Imogene F. July 14, 2019

My concern was would the lawyer really know how I was feeling. After working with your law firm I feel that you did understand my feeling and that I’m not alone and there is someone that cares.

Carolyn July 14, 2019

My sister's and I tragically lost our mother to nursing home abuse and neglect. Michael and his team stepped in and did a full investigation and exposed the people who were responsible and got us the justice we deserved. Although nothing could ever replace our mom, Michael was a very kind and compassionate caring person and got us through this tragic time, and for that we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I know our mom is resting in peace.

Lawanda December 30, 2019

Nursing home neglect and abuse are everywhere! But where are the names? Names of the facilities responsible for these actions? Names of the people who are being neglected and/or abused?

Our loved ones are NOT JUST NUMBERS! They are spouses, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends! They are people who are loved and whose lives matter!

Our mom was one of those “statistics” at Woodlands of Austinwoods! Her death left us at a loss, frustrated, hurt, and angry that this could happen! We wanted Austinwoods, and all nursing homes, to recognize and accept the responsibility of the care entrusted to them of our loved ones!

When we didn’t know how to start, or where to turn, we were directed to Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers-Nursing home abuse and Neglect Lawyers.

Michael Hill acknowledged the importance of our mom’s life and helped us lay a foundation for our mission that Austinwoods recognize it also! His knowledge of the law is exceptional, but it was his personal and compassionate guidance that went above our expectations!

We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the mission of Austinwoods accepting responsibility for the loss of our mom’s life without Michael Hill, she will be remembered , not by the check number they wrote, but by her name and the reason why they were required to write that check.

Candice December 30, 2019

Our Family would like to thank you Mr. Eadie, Michael Hill, and Scott Palider.  We appreciate everything you've worked hard for to help get us through a really difficult time in our lives.

This case has always been about Michael, and our Family can now move on knowing that Eadie/Hill Trial Lawyers is an excellent Law Firm that cared about getting justice for our Brother.  We thank you!!

February 10, 2020

Our Team

Attorney William Eadie

I am a trial lawyer who helps families hurt by caregiver carelessness–such as nursing homes and hospitals–and hold the wrongdoers accountable. I understand how the business of medicine can harm people, when corporations put their own profits ahead of providing quality care. . .  keep reading]

Attorney Michael Hill

I am a trial attorney who takes on hospitals and other medical corporations when they choose to put their own profits ahead of their patient’s safety. My practice is focused on medical negligence and wrongful death, primarily delayed diagnosis and treatment of heart attacks and strokes, as well as birth injuries. . .  keep reading 
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Guess what? That’s true for just about any plaintiff’s lawyer.  It’s what a “contingency fee” means.  It doesn’t mean they’ll work hard.  Or get a good result for you.  It doesn’t mean much at all.

What we promise you is a NO FEAR guarantee.

What does that mean?  For 99% of our clients, a medical injury caused by negligence is new.  The medical malpractice lawsuit process is new.  Depositions, discovery, trial . . . everything is new.

New can be scary.  Especially when it involves having to testify under oath.

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Nursing homes are regulated by federal and state regulations that most personal injury lawyers know nothing about.

If you're looking to take on a nursing home, you need a lawyer who knows those rules.

We exclusively handle medical claims, with a focus on nursing home abuse and neglect. We've tried these cases and obtained millions in damages at trial. 100% our cases involve the failure to provide appropriate hospital, medical, and nursing care to members of the community.

How We’re Paid

We advance the costs of the investigation and lawsuit.  We only get paid from money we collect in a settlement of verdict: there’s never a bill to you.

By taking on all the risk, you can be sure we’re only going to take on cases we believe in fully.

What Can We Do to Imrpove Nursing Home Conduct?

Nursing Homes are corporations: they speak the language of money.  Corporations, even non-profit corporations, are not real people; they do not have hearts, minds, or souls.

In our experience, holding a medical corporation responsible and accountable for carelessly injuring patients through a money verdict at trial, or a settlement motivated by their fear of trial, is the best way to make sure there is change.

A well-fought lawsuit can help prevent other people from being injured in the same way.

What Damages are Available?

Money damages available in a nursing home lawsuit can involve economic costs (medical bills, etc.), emotional harms like pain and suffering, disfigurement, disability, and, if the injuries cause death, the mental anguish and loss of family members for wrongful death.

Many states allow for punitive damages when a medical corporation consciously disregards a patient’s rights and safety with a great probability of causing substantial harm. They are awarded in exceptional cases.

We’ve proven punitive damages at trial, including a $3,000,000 verdict for punitive damages against one of the largest medical companies in America.

Punitive damages are intended to punish, deter the defendant from doing the same thing in the future, and reform the nursing home industry.

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