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Posted: January 6, 2017 | Last Updated: November 8, 2017

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Trial Attorney William Eadie

Trial Attorney William EadieI am a trial lawyer who helps families hurt by caregiver carelessness–such as nursing homes and hospitals–and hold the wrongdoers accountable.  Some people–even some trial lawyers–think people in nursing homes don’t matter, and their lives are not worth much.  I know better.  When a nursing home breaks its promise to provide good care to someone’s mother, father, sister, or brother, and refuses to take responsibility, I’m proud to help the family hold them accountable.

My greatest joy in this work is not just getting answers and results for those families, but helping them make sure it does not happen to someone else next time.

I understand how the business of medicine can harm people, when corporations put their own profits ahead of providing quality care.  Along with my law degree, I earned a business degree (MBA) from the Weatherhead School at Case.

Besides obtaining multi-million dollar nursing home verdicts, I can help defend those results if there is an appeal.  I’ve argued cases before the Eighth and Ninth Ohio Appellate District Courts, as well as the Ohio Supreme Court.

I am an Ohio native raising three daughters with my wife, Christine, in the Gordon Square neighborhood.  I volunteer in Cleveland Public Schools, working with high-schoolers to learn about our Rights, Responsibilities, and Realities under the U.S. Constitution as part of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s 3Rs program.  I also serve on the CMBA’s 3Rs steering committee.


Trial Attorney Michael Hill

Trial Attorney Michael Hill

I am a trial attorney who takes on hospitals and other medical corporations when they choose to put their own profits ahead of their patient’s safety.  My practice is focused on medical negligence and wrongful death, primarily delayed diagnosis and treatment of heart attacks and strokes, as well as birth injuries.  My residence is in Ohio, but I handle cases throughout the United States.

When people experience trauma and grief, their world can begin to unravel.  I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction knowing that I am helping people and standing up for them when they feel like no one else will.  In fact, that’s why I became a lawyer, and I’ve been blessed to help many great people and clients.  I’ve remained close with many of my clients long after their case ended.

While I’ve won many awards and honors for my accomplishments in the courtroom, it’s knowing that I’ve been able to help people through their most difficult times that gives my job meaning.

I remember one of my first cases as a young lawyer was an incredibly challenging case that involved a young woman who suffered a brainstem stroke following head trauma.  The injury left her with little use of her arms and legs.

I remember meeting her and telling her that I could not guarantee that I would be able to win her case, but promising her that I would devote everything I have to trying to help her.  Fortunately, we were successful, and the compensation from the lawsuit allowed her  to restore her life.  Since that day, that’s a promise I make to everyone of my clients.

I am from Flint, Michigan and attended Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio where I was a running back on the football team.  While I was in college, I met my wife, Hilary, who was a singer in the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.  After college I attended Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio.  Hilary and I live in Lakewood, Ohio.

When I’m not in trial or busy working on a case, I love to spend time with my wife walking our two (very poorly trained) dogs through the Cleveland Metroparks, traveling, or volunteering at events that support injured and disabled children, animals, and the homeless.

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