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Trial Attorney William Eadie

I am a trial lawyer who helps families hurt by caregiver carelessness–such as nursing homes and hospitals–and hold the wrongdoers accountable.  Some people–even some trial lawyers–think people in nursing homes don’t matter, and their lives are not worth much.  I know better.  When a nursing home breaks its promise to provide good care to someone’s mother, father, sister, or brother, and refuses to take responsibility, I’m proud to help the family hold them accountable.

My greatest joy in this work is not just getting answers and results for those families, but helping them make sure it does not happen to someone else next time.

William Eadie seated at a courtroom table looking at the camera with an exhibit in his lap.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer William Eadie Between Witnesses at Trial in a Wrongful Death Case in 2020.

I understand how the business of medicine can harm people, when corporations put their own profits ahead of providing quality care.  Along with my law degree, I earned a business degree (MBA) from the Weatherhead School at Case.

Besides obtaining multi-million dollar nursing home verdicts, I can help defend those results if there is an appeal.  I’ve argued cases before the Eighth and Ninth Ohio Appellate District Courts, as well as the Ohio Supreme Court.

I am an Ohio native raising three daughters with my wife, Christine, in the Gordon Square neighborhood.  I volunteer in Cleveland Public Schools, working with high-schoolers to learn about our Rights, Responsibilities, and Realities under the U.S. Constitution as part of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association’s 3Rs program.  I also serve on the CMBA’s 3Rs steering committee.

William Eadie standing in a suit and dress shirt in front of a projector screen gesturing to the screen

Trial lawyer William Eadie in a trial strategy session discussing demonstrative exhibits.

Clients on William Eadie

The attorneys spent time understanding my emotional attachment to the case and coached me well through the process; thus making a difficult situation much easier.

Carrie Taabet September 8, 2021

Trial Attorney Michael Hill

I am a trial lawyer who helps regular people take on the nursing home industry–a multi-billion dollar industry–when their loved ones are killed by poor care. I’m licensed in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but I handle cases across the country. 

Had something bad happened to a family member of mine when I was a child, my family wouldn’t have known who to turn to, what to do, or who to believe. We were regular people.

The whole point of my career is to give people like my family a chance to be heard–a shot at holding a massive and often callous industry accountable. 

When people experience trauma and grief, their world can begin to unravel.  I’m satisfied knowing that I’m helping people and standing up for them when they feel like no one else will. I’ve been blessed to help many great people and clients.  I remain close with many of my clients long after their cases end.

While I’ve won many awards and honors for my accomplishments in the courtroom, it’s knowing that I’ve been able to help people through their most difficult times that gives my job meaning.

Born in Flint, Michigan, I’ve witnessed the devastating effects that unchecked corporate greed can have on a community. The for-profit nursing home industry is no different. At their best, nursing homes make money by delivering the services that they promise to. There’s nothing wrong with that. At their worst, they are profit-generating machines making money at all costs and without regard for the carnage they leave in their wake. I see much more of the latter than the former. As a trial lawyer, I’m the one who can check that greed and restore a fair playing field. Where I’m from, everyone’s entitled to a fair fight.

I received my undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Oberlin College where I was also a running back on the football team (which feels like ancient history at this point). I earned my law degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Michael Hill, the best nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers, presents evidence at trialMy primary residence is in Lakewood, Ohio, but you might also find me in the hills of West Virginia or traveling in Central or South America. I love backpacking, kayaking, skydiving, and pretty much anything outdoors. 

I have a very simple motto I try to live by, “always be kind and never be afraid.” If I can look back on my life and know in my heart that that’s how I lived, I’ll be pretty happy.

Clients on Michael Hill

Michael Hill is an anomaly. When most people think of a lawyer they are just a piece of a necessary situation to get an outcome they desire. Some lawyers are personable and easy to work with, but Michael Hill made the process of one of the biggest hardships I’ve experienced the best it could have been. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable in this field of practice he displays an immense amount of patience in making sure you are understanding each piece of the puzzle every step of the way. He is successful in the courtroom, strong in depositions, and always gives 150%. He is the best you’ll find. Having a stranger immerse themselves in your life in times of hardship is uncomfortable, but Michael made me and my family feel like we’ve known him for years. He will be a forever friend of mine and I know that every day he’s having an incredible impact on those around him and his clients.

Amy Mirlisena December 4, 2018

Trial Attorney Mark Tassone

I am a trial lawyer whose practice has focused on representing plaintiffs and their families in nursing home neglect, abuse, and wrongful death cases. Having had a loved one abused in a nursing home, I understand the pain, frustration, sadness, powerlessness, and guilt felt by the families of nursing home abuse and neglect victims. As a trial lawyer with Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers, my practice will be focused on rewriting the narrative: converting pain to comfort, frustration to relief, sadness to closure, powerlessness into holding others accountable, and guilt into validation.

Originally from Virginia, I attended Hampden-Sydney College, where I earned a B.A. in Latin and Greek and Classical Studies. I also hold an M.A. from Florida State University in Latin. After a successful career in education, I attended the University of Cincinnati College of Law in Cincinnati, Ohio. I now reside in Cincinnati with my wife, Sara, son, Roman, and dog, Beau.

I strongly believe in community and professional engagement. I am an active member of the Rotary Club of Cincinnati. I am also an active member of the American Association for Justice, the Ohio Association for Justice, the Ohio State Bar Association, the Cincinnati Bar Association, and the Potter Stewart Inn of Court.

In my spare time, I enjoy music, reading, outdoor activities, and travel. In 2014, I hiked the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage route across southern France and northern Spain.

Clients on Mark Tassone

Sadie Hill Trial Lawyers is exactly what I hoped and prayed they would be. They're caring. They listened. They're thorough. I totally recommend them if you have to face the loss of a loved one caused by lack of responsibility of others in their care. Michael Hill and his team are exceptional. I Love them and I thank God for them.

Joy Massey September 8, 2021

Trial Attorney K. Joshua Waters

I am a trial attorney with Eadie Hill. My passion has always been to help those in need, and I take great pride in being able to help my clients obtain justice when they or a loved one has been injured due to the acts or inaction of a nursing home and its employees. As I know firsthand, it truly hits differently when you see what happens to a loved one who is neglected and not adequately cared for by a nursing home. I strive to bring that same passion and demand for justice when helping our clients.

I was born in East Tennessee but quickly made Cincinnati my home when I moved to Butler County, Ohio while in high school. I currently reside just south of Cincinnati, in Northern Kentucky, with my incredible family. Two things most people quickly find out about me is that I love the area where I have lived for nearly two decades and I am passionate about the University of Tennessee.  

Prior to attending the University of Dayton School of Law to pursue my dream of becoming an attorney, I had a career in banking and as a financial advisor. I graduated law school in 2013 and, until joining the firm, I primarily represented doctors and large insurance companies, including their insureds. I am admitted to practice in all state courts in Ohio and Kentucky. Finally, I am a member of the Kentucky Bar Association; the Cincinnati Bar Association; the American Association for Justice; the Ohio Association for Justice; and the Southwest Ohio Trial Lawyers Association. 

Clients on K. Joshua Waters

Our Family would like to thank you Mr. Eadie, Michael Hill and Scott Palider. We appreciate everything you've worked hard for help get us through a really difficult time in our lives. The case has always been about Michael, and our Family can now move on knowing that Eadie/Hill Trial Lawyers is an excellent Law Firm that care about getting justice for our Brother. We thank you!!

February 10, 2020

Our Team

Settlement Paralegal Hannah Balman

Nursing Home Abuse Paralegal Hannah Balman

I’ve always had a passion for helping others – both professionally and personally — and I live with the purpose of making the world a better place. Eadie Hill’s mission of improving the quality of life in nursing homes aligns well with my extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. As a Pharmacy Technician and Health Insurance Representative, I helped patients receive life-saving medications at the lowest possible cost to them and ensured they had the resources to understand the risks associated with not taking the medications. I look forward to applying my current knowledge and passion for helping those in need in my role as a Paralegal.

I graduated from California Baptist University in December of 2018 with a major in Political Science. I always knew I wanted to work in the legal field and join a firm that helped people on a personal level. I am excited to be a part of the Eadie Hill team and fight for the families that have been wronged by nursing home corporations and implement positive, long-lasting change in the way nursing homes treat their patients.

I currently reside in Cleveland, Ohio and outside of work, I enjoy running, weight-lifting and cooking.

Settlement Paralegal Kristen Houston

Nursing Home Abuse Paralegal Kristen Houston

I have a passion for servicing the people in my community by exposing them to new experiences and opportunities. My mission is to connect people from all walks of life as best I can. There is so much to gain by simply listening with a willingness to understand. The stories of people from varying backgrounds provide significant opportunities for personal growth and education. I enjoy finding those stories and spreading the message that by harnessing an appreciation for our unique differences, we all grow closer together. As a Paralegal at Eadie Hill, I hope to continue this mission by working with families and victims of nursing home abuse and making sure their stories are heard. I want to hold nursing homes and other facilities accountable and bring justice to the victims of their negligence. 

In May of 2020, I graduated from Temple University with a degree in English and I continue to use writing to progress my mission. I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA but I enjoy traveling around as often as I can. Cultural traditions around the globe are fascinating, but there is also an abundance of cultural diversity in my own backyard. Each part of the country offers a different perspective; I enjoy learning about these perspectives, documenting my experiences and sharing them through social media and other outlets.

Litigation Paralegal Ryan Sweeney

Nursing Home Abuse Paralegal Ryan Sweeney

From an early age, I have always been passionate about the law and helping others. That is part of the reason why I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Youngstown State University in 2019. Here, I took courses like Criminal Victimization, Aging & Society, and Criminal Justice Ethics that payed special attention to the topics of elder abuse and nursing home greed. What I learned in these courses helped confirm to me that I wanted to pursue the area of law and assist of our country’s most vulnerable populations. 

Beyond my educational background, my prior experience in the field of legal services has shown me first hand just how scary the legal process can be for the average person. I am excited to join a talented team of  individuals at Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers and utilize my skills to help ease the fears of these people. I am also glad to help hold accountable these greedy corporations for both their actions and omissions.

I was born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, where I currently reside. Outside of the office, I am passionate about my health and the environment. I live a plant-based lifestyle and enjoy keeping fit, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and going out to explore the Mill Creek Metroparks.