Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers Files Second Suit Against Communicare Nursing Home

Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers, along with the estate of Joyce Allen, have filed suit against The Pines and its parent corporation Communicare.

The family of Joyce Allen have, through their attorneys Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers, brought suit against Communicare’s The Pines Healthcare Center in Canton, Ohio.

Joyce sadly suffered an untimely death because of the lack of care provided to her by  The Pines. Her wrongful death on July 7, 2018 was the result of multiple falls and injuries including a broken hip.

Joyce’s family alleges that the lack of care by The Pine’s staff was the result of understaffing and that Communicare’s corporate and regional operatives, intentionally understaffed

The Pines when they knew or should have known it would lead to resident injuries and deaths like this one.

Joyce Allen, 82, became a nursing home resident at The Pines in 2017. The Pines agreed to accept Joyce and provide care for her in exchange for payment. They were aware that Joyce had dementia, and should have known that she was a risk for falls due to her condition.

In addition to having dementia, Joyce was also at risk for falling because of her advanced age, cognitive decline, and the fact that she was given certain medications that increased her risk. These are all factors that staff at The Pines should have known would require additional supervision and precautions to prevent her from falling.

Yet, while a resident she suffered many falls. On April 29, 2018, she fell breaking her femur. Her family learned at the hospital that this was not the first broken bone she had suffered from. She had broken another bone from one of her earlier falls at The Pines and she was never treated for it.

By July 7th, 2018, Joyce had undergone surgeries, declined, and passed away. The medical examiner declared her cause of death as the result of a fall at her nursing home.

Underlying Causes: Neglect and Understaffing

The Pines and the other defendants named in the case employ, manage, and direct the care and service providers who were responsible for Joyce Allen’s care, treatment, and safety at The Pines Healthcare Center while she was a resident there.

They were responsible for her care and they failed to keep her safe from harm. They failed to provide proper care for Joyce which resulted in her untimely death. This is neglect. They failed to provide a safe environment with proper response interventions to prevent her from falling, which it should have been well known that she was at risk for.

Further, the staff at The Pines was not properly trained regarding fall prevention and responses to resident falls. Joyce had broken bones that were never treated. In addition to not being properly trained, they also failed to report a fall and subsequent injuries to Joyce’s family.

The Pines was understaffed. This means that it was decided, in order to make a profit, that the staff levels would be lower or the staff on duty would not be qualified enough to provide the proper care to residents like Joyce Allen.

Nursing homes often participate in understaffing in order to turn a larger profit at the risk of injury or death of their residents. They violated federal and state regulations designed to protect residents, like Joyce Allen.

Who are The Pines and Communicare?

The Pines is owned by the corporation Communicare which is located at 4700 Ashwood Drive

Blue Ash, OH 45241. They have branches in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Indiana, and Missouri. Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers have filed previous suits against Communicare and another location, Wyant Woods, in the past. You can see more information here.

The following are locations of their “skilled nursing facilities”:



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