Nursing Home Accused of Not Properly Assesing Choking Hazards

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Nursing home is being shut down because of complaints regarding choking hazards.

Although Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers handles nursing home cases in Ohio, an article on from the UK demonstrates that the the UK is facing similar problems as American nursing homes.

The article on reports that Kearsney Manor in Temple Ewell, Dover will be closing due to a report that was released by the Care Quality Commission. According to their website, the Care Quality Commission’s mission as follows:

We monitor, inspect and regulate health and social care services. We publish what we find, including ratings to help people choose care. We set out what good and outstanding care looks like and we make sure services meet fundamental standards below which care must never fall. Where we find poor care, we will use our powers to take action.

The article reports that the nursing home had been serving the community for thirty years and had forty residents. The article states that the report released information regarding the nursing home’s ability to assess choking hazards.

The published findings showed that risk assessments into the needs of individuals were not properly carried out and that “choke hazard” residents would often struggle with their food and drink. The inspectors say they spoke to staff about what they would do in a situation where an individual was choking.

One carer replied: “If it is food or a foreign object I would turn them on their side.”I can’t think of anything else, my mind has gone blank.” The report also said that the carers did not “realize the seriousness of the incidents” that arose at the premises. It added: “Staff did not always recognize and report incidents which had left people at risk of harm.”

Nursing home residents should never choke or suffocate in nursing homes. Choking and suffocation deaths in nursing home are preventable. Unfortunately, they do happen. And probably much more often than most people can imagine. Choking and suffocation continue to be leading causes of death in nursing homes.

When any nursing home staff is not properly trained to prevent choking incidents, it is extremely likely that someone could be seriously injured or killed. It is extremely important for nursing homes in general to assess choking hazards. Nursing homes have a duty to provide a safe environment for their residents. This includes providing a choking-free environment and training staff to react immediately if a resident shows any signs of choking.

Second Time Facility Was Investigated

It is not uncommon for nursing homes to be repeat offenders. Often in the US, large corporations own nursing homes and the fines are just drops in the bucket. According to the article on, this nursing home is operated by the Sisters of the Christian Retreat. The article also stated that:

The April inspection took place after a call from a whistle-blower and followed a previous one when recommended improvements were suggested. Some of these pointers were not carried out while further breaches of the regulations were found. The CQC warned if the improvements demanded were not carried out that it would take enforcement proceedings. When inspected there were 44 residents, a few with dementia. The trustees say they are confident the closure will be managed smoothly by both the authorities and the home so that the current residents are accommodated quickly.

Sadly, nursing homes around the world are apparently facing the challenge of providing properly trained staff due to financial cutbacks or in this case, the article states that a spokesman from the home stated:

“This is due to the declining number of Sisters within the organisation in the UK coupled with the increasing age of those who remain. As a result it has not been possible to provide the oversight and leadership the home needs.”

If you are concerned about the safety of your loved one and their risk of choking, it is important to bring these issues to the nursing home administrator’s attention. If you still are concerned, it is important to file a complaint. In the United States, you may file a complaint with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. You can file a complaint here.

If your loved one has been injured or has died and you believe their choking injury/death was due to negligence on the part of the nursing home you can contact me and I can investigate the case. You can comment below or contact me here. I will help you navigate through the complicated nature of these cases and help you hold the nursing home accountable for their negligence

You can read the full article here.

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