Nursing Home Accused of Verbal and Physical Abuse

Nursing home sign for Autumnwood in MI

According to an article an NPR affiliate in Detroit, a nursing home is being sued because several employees were verbally and physically abusing a resident. The family of the Mr. Hussein Younes is suing both theand its management company Ciena Heath Care.

Hidden Camera Footage Shows Abuse

The lawsuit is based off of disturbing hidden camera footage that the family took. The article states that:

“…they’re now releasing hidden camera footage that backs up their allegations, including some that show at least one employee making anti-Arab comments and using ethnic slurs.

Salim Younes, Hussein Younes’ son, said he put a hidden camera disguised as an alarm clock in his father’s room after he noticed unexplained bruises and cuts on his father’s body.”

In addition to the cuts and bruises, Mr. Younes was treated very roughly, he was purposefully not secured in his wheelchair, had his head jerked around by the employees, and had obscenities screamed in his face. The attorney for the family alleges that Mr. Younes was targeted because of his ethnicity.

“I discovered unspeakable horrors,” Salim Younes said. “What I found on these clips is something that blew my mind..“I’m sick of your stupid ass. Get your ass up here,” one nurse’s aide is shown saying to Younes and she jerks him roughly from his wheelchair to his bed.

Abuse Reported to Facility

In 2015, the family of Mr. Younes reportedly informed the facility of the abuse. Initially, they found no evidence to substantiate the family’s claims. According to Autumnwood’s attorney they had no idea there was video evidence of the abuse. When they were made aware of the video evidence, they opened another investigation.

“When Autumnwood received this new information and video, another internal investigation was immediately launched, and the new information provided by the Younes’ attorney, five months after the alleged incident, was turned over by Autumnwood to the state survey agency and law enforcement.

It was not immediately clear Monday whether the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) had taken any action against Autumnwood or Ciena, or whether Livonia Police had conducted a criminal investigation.

Autumnwood’s attorney says that all employees ‘identified from the video have been terminated, and additional training has been provided to all employees.'”

According to the article, one of the employees seen abusing Mr. Younes had been disciplined before and even fired from positions at two other facilities.

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Out of respect for the victim in this case, we did not repost the video footage of the abuse. You can read the full article here.

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