Eadie Hill Files Lawsuit Alleging Medical Negligence, Recklessness, and Wrongful Death on Behalf of the Estate of Ronald Welch

arbors at marietta lawsuit

When Ron Welch entered the Arbors at Marietta nursing care center, the facility’s staff was fully aware that he required special attention. Recently paralyzed following a bike accident, Ron was at increased risk of developing pressure injuries, such as bedsores. With the proper care and attention, bedsores and pressure ulcers are often preventable. Ron, however, developed stage IV bedsores—and, ultimately, sepsis.  

Later, Ron was transferred to the Bella Terrace Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, where—again—the staff was well-aware of Ron’s unique needs. Instead, Ron’s injuries became more pronounced.

On October 24, 2022, Ron succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

Ron had every reason to expect expert level care at both of these nursing facilities. According to their website, the Arbors at Marietta is dedicated to providing their patients with the “utmost comfort,” while Bella Terrace proclaims a commitment to helping patients “find answers, solutions, and peace of mind.” 

Instead of answers, solutions, and peace of mind, however, Eadie Hill recently filed a complaint alleging that Ron was met with indifference. 

Both the Arbors at Marietta and Bella Terrace are for-profit care centers. While there is nothing inherently neglectful in running a for-profit nursing facility, it is in the best financial interest of the business to maximize profits and minimize costs. Oftentimes, to accomplish this, for-profit nursing homes will deliberately understaff their facilities, which can lead to dangerous conditions for their patients. We seek to determine whether understaffing played a role in the unnecessary death of Ron Welch.

On behalf of Ron’s family and estate, Eadie Hill filed the Complaint against the Arbors at Marietta, Bella Terrace Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, and their parent companies, to be able to provide his grieving family with some measure of justice.

Causes of Action

The lawsuit we filed against the Arbors at Marietta, the Bella Terrace Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, and their parent companies alleges the following course of action:

  1. Medical Negligence and Recklessness. The complaint alleges that the defendants neglected their duty to provide Ron with proper care and treatment and that this negligence and recklessness were the direct and proximate cause of his injuries.
  2. Wrongful Death. The complaint alleges that Ron’s injuries, suffered as a result of the defendants’ negligence and recklessness, led to an untimely and wrongful death. It also alleges that, as a result, his next-of-kin suffered mental anguish, grief, and loss of Ron’s companionship.
  3. Nursing Home Resident Rights Violation. The complaint alleges that the defendants violated Ron’s rights as a nursing home resident to a safe and clean living environment, to an environment free of abuse, and to receive appropriate medical and nursing care, among other charges.
  4. Civil Conspiracy. The complaint alleges that the defendants had an agreement or understanding to defraud residents and their families by delivering inadequate care and to systematically understaff their facilities.

About the Arbors of Marietta and the Bella Terrace Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

The Arbors of Marietta’s website claims that the facility “balance[s] the celebration of life with compassionate care.” A closer look, however, reveals that the facility does not meet these standards. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid gave the facility its lowest “one-star” rating, ranking the Arbors as a “much below average” facility on account of its alleged understaffing.

This assessment is echoed by the testimony of people who have worked there. For example, on Indeed, one ex-nursing assistant alleged that staff members were often called upon to take care of 30 residents themselves. This disgruntled employee called the facility’s management “terrible” and concluded that, at the Arbors, “everything is a con.”

Things aren’t much better at the Bella Terrace Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Because they too are allegedly understaffed, they received an overwhelmingly negative assessment from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. Bella Terrace was given the worst possible rating when it comes to staffing, and was labeled “below average” overall as a facility.

Former staff members of the facility concur with this assessment. On Indeed, one ex-employee called the center “extremely disorganized” and felt that it suffered from “poor management,” “poor communication,” and “high turnover.” Another former staffer was more blunt. They labeled the facility a “nasty place to work.”

Other facilities in these companies include:

Arbors at Marietta AKA Marietta OPCO LLC.
400 N 7th St.
Marietta, OH 45750

Noble Healthcare Management LLC
c/o Registered Agent:
Cogency Global, Inc.
3958-D Brown Park Drive
Hillard, OH 43026

Prestige Healthcare I LLC
c/o Registered Agent:
Corporation Services Company
2551 Little Falls Drive
Wilmington, DE 19808

Bella Terrace Rehabilitation and Nursing Center AKA Elm Ridge Healthcare LLC
c/o Registered Agent:
Cogency Global, Inc.
3958-D Brown Park Drive
Hillard, OH 43026

Elm Ridge Healthcare LLC
c/o Registered Agent:
Cogency Global, Inc.
3958-D Brown Park Drive
Hillard, OH 43026

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