Eadie Hill Lawsuit Charges Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation with Negligence, Recklessness, and the Wrongful Death of Gloria Ramsay

When Gloria Ramsay began showing signs of severe dehydration and sepsis, the staff at Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation should have known what to do. After all, the facility claims to provide “the best care that Cleveland has to offer” and to make “individuals and their families feel empowered, comfortable and most importantly, special.” In addition, Ramsay was a long-term resident, having been at the facility for 10 years. Therefore, staff should have been familiar with her health history and behavior, and well attuned to any changes.

And yet, when Gloria developed a urinary tract infection in March 2022, the staff allegedly ignored her obvious signs of distress. By not attending to this affliction, we believe they allowed Gloria to suffer from severe dehydration and to become septic. Shockingly, despite Gloria developing the UTI on March 23, she was not transferred to the hospital until 11 days later—and that only at her family’s request.

According to the Complaint, when Gloria finally arrived at South Pointe Hospital, she was found to have suffered an acute kidney injury as a result of her untreated urinary tract infection. This led her not only to become severely dehydrated and to enter a state of sepsis, it also affected her mental state, which hospital staff found to be notably altered. Gloria’s heart rate was also elevated, and staff was so concerned that when they began applying IV treatment to restore her fluids, they had to do so gradually and gently as they were worried that too much IV hydration too quickly would lead to acute heart failure.

Gloria went into cardiopulmonary arrest just hours after she arrived at the hospital and had soon passed on. Her death was the direct result of the dehydration and sepsis that resulted from her untreated UTI, which we believe the staff at Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation failed to treat in a timely and responsible manner.

Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation is a for-profit facility. This means that they are heavily invested in maximizing earnings for the benefit of the facility’s parent companies. For healthcare facilities, the number one source of income is filling beds and the number one cost is staffing. Therefore, we believe that it is in the best financial interests of facilities like Suburban to systematically understaff their centers, placing profits ahead of people and leading to the wholly unnecessary deaths of people like Gloria.

At Eadie Hill, we are proud to bring a lawsuit against Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation and its parent companies, alleging recklessness, negligence, wrongful death, and nursing home rights violation, in the case of Gloria Ramsay. Although we realize that nothing can bring Gloria back, we hope to bring a small measure of justice to her grieving family.

Courses of Action

The lawsuit filed by Eadie Hill against Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation and its parent companies alleges the follow courses of action:

  1. Negligence and Recklessness. The complaint alleges that the defendants failed to provide Gloria with proper care and treatment and that this negligence was the direct and proximate cause of her injuries. This failure includes the defendants’ choices to put inadequate infection prevention in place, to provide inadequate resident observation and supervision, and to provide too few or underqualified nursing staff, among other failures.
  2. Wrongful Death. The complaint alleges that the injuries that Gloria suffered, as a result of the facility’s negligence and recklessness, led directly to her untimely death. The complaint also alleges that Gloria’s family suffered from mental anguish, grief, and loss of Gloria’s society and companionship.
  3. Nursing Home Residents Rights Violation. The complaint alleges that the defendants violated Gloria’s rights as a resident of Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation. The rights allegedly violated include the right to a safe and clean living environment, the right to be treated with courtesy and respect, and the right to adequate and appropriate medical treatment.

Eadie Hill’s Commitment to Justice

At Eadie Hill, we have made it our mission to seek justice for the victims of for-profit nursing and healthcare facilities. When a facility operates on a for-profit model, they often place their bottom line ahead of the care of their residents. This leads to tragic and wholly preventable suffering and death, such as that experienced by Gloria and her family.

We are committed to seeking justice for all such victims and we hope to provide some measure of closure to the families of people like Gloria.

About Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation

The website for Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation makes some pretty strong claims on their behalf. For example, they claim that their goal is to “ensure that every individual lives a life of purpose” and that they are invested in “creating the finest rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility in Cuyahoga County.” Further, they claim that, by using Person Centered Care, they are able to “empower… the individual to make choices as to how they live.”

Unfortunately, these lofty goals cannot be reached by a facility that is systematically understaffed, and, according to the Medicare.gov Nursing Home Compare Website, staffing is one area where Suburban falls significantly short. In fact, Medicare.gov gives the facility its lowest, “one-star” rating for staffing, which marks it as “well below average.” It receives the same failing grade for health inspections as well. Overall, the facility rates as “below average” according to Medicare.gov.

These low grades are born from the testimonials of former employers. One former manager, writing on Indeed.com, had particularly harsh things to say about Suburban, noting that “the care for the residents is non-existent,” “the environmental conditions are deplorable,” and that “basic needs and necessities are not being met at this facility.” Another former manager, writing on Indeed, had similar things to say, observing that “the care is poor” and that there is high turnover in management, leading to a bad work environment and causing him to “feel terrible for the residents” who are not getting the care they need.

Suburban Healthcare and Rehabilitation

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