Family Hires Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers in Suit Against Nursing Home in Bedsore Death

Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers, on behalf of the family of Jay Welty, has filed a lawsuit against Ohio’s Echo Manor for the wrongful death of Mr. Welty. Mr. Welty died from bedsores that could have and should have been prevented by Echo Manor.

According to the lawsuit filed by nursing home attorneys Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers, Echo Manor ignored signs of skin breakdown that leads to bedsores and chose not to treat the problem in a timely fashion. This led to Mr. Welty having a severe infection and gangrene.

The lawsuit cites systemic understaffing as one of the major problems surrounding Mr. Welty’s developing bedsores and later dying because of complications related them. Echo Manor is operated by Peregrine Health Services. The family has also named Peregrine Health Services in the lawsuit.

You can read the full lawsuit here.

Underlying Causes

Peregrine Health Services, who staffs Echo Manor, are both responsible for the systemic understaffing that led to Mr. Welty developing bedsores.

On their website, Peregrine Health Services describes themselves as the following:

Peregrine Health Services, Inc. is a premier long term care organization

with sixteen facilities located throughout the state of Ohio. Peregrine

provides the highest levels of transitional care, rehabilitation therapy,

assisted living, long-term nursing and Alzheimer’s care. With some 100

combined years of expertise, we represent a strong team dedicated to the

emotional and medical well-being of all within our care.

This is was not Mr. Welty’s experience at all.

Mr. Welty was ignored and his skin broke down. He did not receive the highest level of care, or really any care at all as he was neglected and ignored till he developed bedsores.

The underlying cause of Mr. Welty’s skin breakdown and lack of attention once his skin broke down is the understaffing of Echo Manor by Peregrine Health Services. Furthermore, The facility ignored signs and symptoms of infection.The facility also ignored signs and symptoms of gangrene and the facility chose not to timely report significant changes in condition to responsible parties as required by state law and state and federal regulations.

As the result of this inadequate care, Jay D. Welty died on December 20, 2017.

According to the lawsuit, the following is being claimed:

The Defendants’ failure to provide proper care and treatment included, but

is not limited to:

  1. Choosing to provide inadequate resident observation, supervision,

assessment, and monitoring to skin breakdowns or the worsening of

skin breakdowns like bedsores;

2. Choosing to provide too few, and / or under-qualified nursing staff

members for the resident needs at the facility to protect and provide

adequate care to residents like Jay D. Welty;

3. Choosing to not provide accurate, adequate, or timely information to

Jay D. Welty’s family;

4. Failing to provide adequate and timely care in response to Jay D.

Welty’s injuries;

5. Choosing to violate state and federal regulations governing care and

staffing levels in nursing home facilities by which residents like Jay

Welty are a member of the class of persons intended to be

protected from injuries like those he suffered.

 What is the purpose of a nursing home wrongful death lawsuit?

The family has instituted suit against Echo Manor and Peregrine Health Services. A wrongful death lawsuit in Ohio is brought on behalf of the surviving family members. The family hopes that this lawsuit will bring awareness to mistreatment at nursing homes and will prevent future injuries and assaults on nursing homes residents.

The family has hired nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers Michael Hill and William Eadie of Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers.  

Who is Peregrine Health Services and Echo Manor Nursing Home?

Autumn Court, 1925 E. 4th St., Ottawa, OH 48575

Brookview Healthcare Center, 214 Harding St., Defiance, OH 43512

Columbus Alzheimer Care Center, 700 Jasonway Avenue, Columbus,

Ohio 43214

The Convalarium, 6430 Post Road, Dublin, Ohio 43016

Cridersville Healthcare Center, 603 East Main Street, Cridersville,

Ohio 45806

The Gardens at Celina, 1301 Myers Road, Celina, Ohio 45822

The Gardens of Paulding, 199 CR 103, Paulding, Ohio 45879

The Gardens at St. Henry, 522 Western Avenue, St. Henry, Ohio


The Gardens at Wapakoneta, 505 Walnut Street, Wapakoneta, Ohio


Heatherdowns Rehabilitation & Residential Center, 2401 Cass Road,

Toledo, Ohio 43614

McCrea Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, 2040 McCrea

Street, Alliance, Ohio 44601

Oak Grove Manor, 1670 Crider Road, Mansfield, Ohio 44903

Oak Pavilion Nursing Center, 510 Oak Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Park View Nursing Center, 328 West Vine Street, Edgerton, Ohio


Summit’s Trace Healthcare Center, 935 North Cassady Avenue,

Columbus, Ohio 43219


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