Eadie Hill Wins $5 Million Verdict in Negligence and Wrongful Death Suit against O’Neill Healthcare

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer William Eadie, one of the lead trial lawyers for Eadie Hill, secured a $5 million verdict in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, against O’Neill Healthcare North Olmsted and its parent company O’Neill Healthcare on August 24, 2023. 

The suit was filed on behalf of Louis Cifranic, who died after falling during his stay at O’Neill—a nursing home located near Cleveland—and suffering a brain injury, as well as his family for his wrongful death.

The suit, which was originally filed seven years ago, resulted in the jury finding O’Neill Healthcare and its parent companies liable for $3 million for negligence and $2 million for wrongful death. They found that the nursing home’s negligence was the proximate cause of both Lou’s injuries and his decease.

The trial was held in Cuyahoga County with Judge William T. McGinty presiding. In addition to O’Neill Healthcare, claims were brought against several other entities affiliated with the company, including Carlow LLC and KO Nurse Practitioner, LLC.

“After 7 long years of litigation,” Eadie reflected, “the Cifranic family has received some justice out of the most terrible of circumstances: having their husband, father, and grandfather taken from them through wrongful death by O’Neill Healthcare’s North Olmsted Facility.”

“Getting to know Lou from his family,” Eadie continued, “I was struck by what an impactful and meaningful life he’d led. He was a man of service, to his family, to his parish, and his community. His example has made me want to be a better husband and father.”

Eadie tried the case alongside fellow trial lawyers Michael Hill and Matt Mooney. Speaking of his fellow attorneys, Eadie emphasized that “this was a team effort, and having such high caliber lawyers on the case leveled the playing field.”

Eadie Hill is proud to have obtained some measure of justice on behalf of Lou Cifranic, and will continue to fight for other victims of nursing home abuse. When for-profit healthcare facilities put the bottom line over the well-being and safety of their residents, tragedies like Lou’s are the inevitable result. We hope to be able to provide some solace to the families of these victims.

The Wrongful Death of Lou Cifranic

When Lou Cifranic was admitted to the care of O’Neill Healthcare North Olmsted on November 3, 2015, it was to be a short stay. Lou had recently undergone surgery for a clipped aneurysm and was admitted to O’Neill for short term rehab. Before being admitted, Lou was an active, independent 71-year-old man who lived with his wife at their home. Upon entering O’Neill’s care, there was every reason to believe that he would make a complete recovery and return home to his wife. However, barely a month later, Lou suffered a fatal fall from which he never recovered.

When Lou was first admitted, he was temporarily cognitively impaired because of his recent surgery and his medications. He needed a little extra attention. Unfortunately, O’Neill labeled Lou only a “moderate risk” for falls and failed to adequately monitor him. As a result, Lou would suffer five falls over the next month, each of which could have been prevented with proper monitoring. Nonetheless, despite Lou’s continued falls and his obvious risk, O’Neill continued to provide inadequate fall prevention options, inadequate staffing levels, and inadequately trained staff.

On December 10, 2015, Lou suffered what would be his final fall. He was discovered by staff on the floor at the foot of the bed at 4 a.m. Despite Lou being at high risk for brain bleed, and despite staff noticing a bump and abrasion on his left eyebrow area and heavy bruising on his right knee, they did not send him to the hospital for three hours. By that time, Lou was showing definite effects of brain bleed—his mental status deteriorating sharply because of intense intracranial pressure. Lou would soon pass on from the effects of his fall.

The Findings of the Jury

The jury found in favor of Lou’s estate on the following claims:

  1. Negligence ($3 million awarded): The jury determined that the defendants failed to provide proper care and treatment to Lou, which they should have known he required. These failures included choosing to put inadequate fall prevention interventions in place, choosing to provide inadequate observation and monitoring, and choosing to provide too few and underqualified nursing staff members. The jury determined that this negligence on the part of O’Neill Healthcare North Olmsted was the proximate cause of Lou’s injuries.
  2. Wrongful Death ($2 million awarded): The jury determined that the injuries sustained by Lou as a direct result of O’Neill’s staff’s negligence caused his untimely and wrongful death. They found that, as a result, his family suffered from mental anguish and grief, medical and funeral expenses, and loss of Lou’s support, services, society, and companionship.

Trial Lawyer William Eadie

William Eadie is an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer who has won numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and has argued cases before the Ohio Supreme Court. He specializes in holding nursing homes accountable when they break their promises to those entrusted to their care.

Eadie Hill’s Commitment to Justice

Eadie Hill’s mission is to seek justice for victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. When it comes to for-profit healthcare facilities like O’Neill, too often the bottom line comes first. This means that these facilities are often deliberately understaffed, which creates a dangerous environment that too often results in tragedy. At Eadie Hill, we are dedicated to holding these facilities accountable.

If you or a loved one has suffered from neglect or abuse at a nursing home or other healthcare facility, do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call at (216) 777-8856 or fill out this confidential form to get started seeking the justice you deserve.

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