Family Sues Country Club Rehabilitation Campus for Mother’s Death

An image of the Country Club Rehabilitation at Bellaire nursing home building with the company logo and the word lawsuit as a red ink stamp superimposed on it.
An Ohio family sued Country Club Rehabilitation at Bellaire for their mother Helen Remke’s death. The lawsuit is filed in Belmont County, Ohio common pleas court by Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers

According to a lawsuit filed by Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers, Helen Remke was injured and died as a result of the Country Club Rehabilitation Campus’s failure to give necessary care and treatment leading to her death from an unstageable skin wound (pleasure ulcer or bedsore), sepsis, and systemic neglect.  Helen was hospitalized on February 22, 2021 and died on February 25, 2022. 

According to the lawsuit, Defendants purposefully understaff the facilities in order to make more money, with the predictable result of increased preventable resident injuries and deaths due to things like falls, dehydration, malnutrition, bedsores (pressure ulcers), and infections such as urinary tract infections.

You can read the lawsuit here:

Systemic Understaffing at Country Club Rehabilitation Campus

Holland Group II, Ltd’s persistent understaffing, inadequate training, and bad management of its Country Club Rehabilitation Campus at Bellaire facility resulted in substandard care for its resident Helen Remke.

The lawsuit alleges that:

The nursing staff is overworked and unable to provide needed care to all residents, such as turning and positioning (leading to bedsores and infections), changing incontinent residents (leading to bedsores and infections), toileting residents (leading to increased falls and other issues), and assisting residents with eating and drinking (leading to increased falls and other issues) (leading to dehydration, malnutrition, choking, and other complications). Infections of those wounds from inadequate cleanliness and wound care;

Systemic inflammation and organ damage from sepsis, a life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to infection causes injury to its own tissues and organs, caused by those infections

Defendants have been consistently determined to have failed to give the same level of care to residents at Country Club Rehabilitation Campus at Bellaire as they did to Helen Remke.

Misleading Advertising

According to the lawsuit, Defendants were aware of the concerns caused by understaffing, poor management, and poor training based on current and previous inspections, as well as MDS evaluations and reviews of resident care outcomes. Defendants, on the other hand, continued to understaff the Facility, provide poor management, and lack adequate staff training.

For example, Defendants state on their website the following information:

Country Club Rehabilitation Campuses recognize the importance of outstanding rehabilitation and therapy programs throughout our campuses. With the help of our partner therapy company, Trinity Rehabilitation, our rehabilitation and therapy teams design customized rehab plans to increase our residents’ independence and ability to manage daily activities and skills. Our staff creates a positive environment that helps our residents recover faster and get them back to their homes sooner!

Through exercise, pain management, the latest technologies and cognitive/retraining programs, residents are able to increase their strength, mobility and endurance; thus enhancing their quality of life.”

However, the lawsuit claims that Country Club Rehabilitation Campus fails to inform its residents or their families about the following staffing difficulties.

Staffing Ratings

Country Club Rehabilitation Campus at Bellaire scored a “One-Star” or 

“Much below average” rating on Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare website, listing staffing as “Average”, Quality of Resident Care “Below average”, and Health Inspections “Much below average.”

Registered Nurse Staffing

The total amount of nurse staff hours per resident per day at Country Club Rehabilitation Campus at Bellaire is alarmingly low, falling over 30 minutes short of the national norm, and dropping much farther below the Ohio and national averages on weekends.

According to the lawsuit, the objective and result of substantially reducing the budget and resources required to maintain a safe institution was to maximize profits and syphon resources at the expense of patient safety. The Country Club Rehabilitation Campus involved in a systemic practice of understaffing its nursing home facility in order to maximize profits at the expense of the care of its residents. Helen Remke did not receive basic and necessary services as a result of a lack of staff, bad management, and poor training, which resulted in, among other things, negligence resulting to injuries and death.

What’s the Purpose of a Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

The family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Holland Group II, LTD, the parent company, and the facility. The family hopes that by filing this action, they can raise awareness about nursing home mistreatment and prevent future harm to nursing home residents.

Michael Hill and Mark Tassone of Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers have been hired by the family to represent them against nursing home abuse and neglect.

Who is Holland Group II, LTD?

According to the website, Holland Management has operated in the housing, health care, and property management industries for over 35 years. Senior apartments, assisted living, rehabilitative treatment, skilled nursing, home health care, family holiday lodge, and country club administration are all part of the family-owned and operated company. The list of all Holland facilities includes:

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