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What are Laurel Health Care Company, The Laurels, and Maplewood?

Laurel Health Care Company is a chain of for-profit nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Ohio, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, and Indiana. Laurel Health Care Company is headquartered in Westerville, Ohio.

Laurel Health Care Company markets its nursing homes with the brand “The Laurels.” Laurel Health Care Company markets its assisted living facilities as the “Maplewood” brand. Make no mistake about it, Laurel Health Care Company controls every aspect of The Laurels and Maplewood. 

Since 2016, Laurel Health Care Company has been part of The Ciena Group. The Ciena Group is a multi-state nursing home chain that is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. 

Have The Laurels Nursing Homes Been Cited for Violating Residents’ Rights and Regulations?

Yes. The Laurels facilities have been cited by state and federal agencies. According to ProPublica’s ongoing research project, the following Laurels nursing homes in Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia have been cited for deficiencies by nursing home investigators. 

Ohio – 23 Laurels Nursing Homes Have Been Cited for Deficiencies

Nursing Home NameCityTotal Deficiencies
The Laurels of HilliardHilliard, Ohio 55
The Laurels of Walden ParkColumbus, OH54
The Laurels of MilfordMilford, Ohio 28
The Laurels of MiddletownMiddletown, Ohio28
The Laurels of HeathHeath, Ohio23
The Laurels of HamiltonHamilton, Ohio31
The Laurels of GahannaColumbus, Ohio13
The Laurels of Chagrin FallsChagrin Falls, Ohio11
The Laurels of WorthingtonWorthington, Ohio11
The Laurels of West CarroltonWest Carrolton, Ohio9
The Laurels of ToledoToledo, Ohio31
The Laurels of SteubenvilleSteubenville, Ohio43
The Laurels of Shane HillRockford, Ohio31
The Laurels of NorworthNorworth, Ohio36
The Laurels of New LondonNew London, Ohio3
The Laurels of Mt. VernonMt. Vernon, Ohio21
The Laurels of MassilonMassilon, Ohio22
The Laurels of Huber HeightsHuber Heights, Ohio21
The Laurels of HilsboroHilsboro, Ohio7
The Laurels of DefianceDefiance, Ohio29
The Laurels of CantonCanton, Ohio34
The Laurels of BlanchesterBlanchester, Ohio 15
The Laurels of AthensAthens, Ohio18

Michigan – 9 Laurels Nursing Homes Have Been Cited 

Nursing Home NameCityTotal Deficiencies
The Laurels of Sandy CreekWayland, Michigan19
The Laurels of Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant, Michigan40
The Laurels of KentLowell, Michigan54
The Laurels of HudsonvilleHudsonville, Michigan32
The Laurels of GalesburgGalesburg, Michigan41
The Laurels of FultonFulton, Michigan27
The Laurels of ColdwaterColdwater, Michigan87
The Laurels of Carson CityCarson City, Michigan39
The Laurels of BedfordBattle Creek, Michigan42

North Carolina – 7 Laurels Nursing Homes Have Been Cited 

Nursing Home NameCityTotal Deficiencies
The Laurels of ChathamPittsboro, North Carolina46
The Laurels of Forest GlennGarner, North Carolina30
The Laurels of Greentree RidgeAsheville, North Carolina23
The Laurels of Summit RidgeAsheville, North Carolina39
The Laurels of HendersonvilleHendersonville, North Carolina8
The Laurels of PenderBurgaw, North Carolina8
The Laurels of SalisburySalisbury, North Carolina17

Virginia – 4 Laurels Nursing Homes Have Been Cited 

Nursing Home NameCityTotal Deficiencies
The Laurels of Bon AirBon Air, Virginia59
The Laurels of CharlottesvilleCharlottesville, Virginia47
The Laurels of University ParkRichmond, Virginia64
The Laurels of Willow CreekMidlothian, Virginia54

What Should I Do If My Loved One’s Rights Were Violated by The Laurels or Maplewwod?

You have options if you suspect abuse and neglect at a Laurels or Maplewood facility. You can contact your state agency and ask that they investigate the facility. 

You can also begin the process of investigating a civil claim for abuse and neglect. 

You do not have to choose between filing a complaint with the state or filing a lawsuit. You can do both, and we recommend to many of our clients that they both file a complaint with the state agency and ask for an investigate and file a lawsuit. 

You could of course do nothing and allow The Laurels to avoid responsibility. But, you should never let them get away with hurting someone by putting their profits above patients’ safety. 

Can I Sue The Laurels for Injuring or Killing My Loved One?

Yes. Anytime a nursing home neglects or abuses a resident causing that resident an injury, you can sue for the harm that was caused.

The most common cases we handle against companies like The Laurels involve a resident being severely injured or killed by a nursing home’s negligence. These injuries commonly involve:

  • Falls causing broken bones, head injuries, and death
  • Choking causing brain injuries and death 
  • Sexual assaults (either resident-to-resident or staff-to-resident)
  • Bedsores (also called pressure ulcers, pressure sores, pressure injuries, or decubitus ulcers)
  • Infections that go untreated causing sepsis or septic shock and death 

Has Eadie Hill Sued The Laurels for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?

Yes. Eadie Hill represents families of residents who were killed by bad care at Laurels nursing homes. 

In The Estate of Jack Huls v. The Laurels of Mt. Vernon, Eadie represents Jack Huls family in a lawsuit for wrongful death. Jack Huls was admitted to the Laurels of Mt. Vernon on December 8, 2016. He needed short-term rehabilitation before he could return home. 

Jack Huls needed rehabilitation because he had suffered a leg injury at home in October 2016, which required surgery to remove a hematoma. The plan was that after Jack Huls gained strength, he would return home. 

Jack Huls never returned home. While he was a resident of The Laurels of Mt. Vernon, Jack lost weight, his appetite decreased, he complained of stomach cramping, and he began experiencing diarrhea. On February 12, 2017, The Laurels’ staff sent Jack’s dirty laundry home with his family to launder. His family was appalled by the smell of the clothing. When they examined the clothing, several pairs of Jack’s pants were covered in diarrhea from the waist to the cuff. 

Jack’s family began searching the internet for an explanation of the putrid smell and severe diarrhea. They came across information concerning the infection c. diff (Clostridioides difficile). C. diff is an infection that is deadly without treatment. It is, however, highly treatable with an antibiotic called Vancomycin. 

On February 17, 2017, Jack Huls’ family met with the executive director and director of nursing from The Laurels of Mt. Vernon. Jack’s family informed The Laurels that they believed Jack was suffering from c. diff. The Laurels told the family that he did not have c. diff. The facility did not test Jack for c. diff. 

On February 19, 2017–2 days after the meeting where the family told The Laurels that they believed Jack had c. diff–Jack was sent to the hospital. He was unresponsive. At Knox Community Hospital, Jack was diagnosed with septic shock that was caused by untreated c. diff. Jack died on February 23, 2017. The official cause of death on Jack’s death certificate is septic shock due to c. diff. 

10 expert witnesses from across the country support Jack Huls’ family’s case that The Laurels is responsible for Jack’s death. 

The case is scheduled for trial in Knox County Court of Common Pleas. Michael Hill is the lead attorney for Jack Huls’ family. 

Read more about the lawsuit: Mt. Vernon Family Sues The Laurels of Mt. Vernon for Korean War Veteran’s Death

In The Estate of Timothy Ray Fulks v. Laurel Health Care Company, Athens County #19-CI-0095, Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers represents the family of Timothy Fulks. Tim Fulks became a patient of The Laurels of Athens in February 2018. He was there for rehabilitation following a bowel obstruction. 

While he was at The Laurels of Athens, Tim had several documented falls. The final fall happened at about 8:30 pm on April 19, 2018. He fell from his wheelchair after he was left unsupervised. Tim suffered a neck injury that caused him to be paralyzed. He was unable to speak or swallow. 

Tim died on April 27, 2018. He was 79 years old. The Athens County Coroner concluded that Tim Fulks died from “complications from acute traumatic quadriplegia” that occurred at The Laurels of Athen. 

That case is scheduled to go to trial in Athens, Ohio. Michael Hill from Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers is the lead attorney on the case. 

Read more about the lawsuit: Eadie Hill Trial Lawyers Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against The Laurels of Athens. 

Eadie Hill is investigating numerous other complaints from residents’ families about The Laurels. 

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Many states allow for punitive damages when a medical corporation consciously disregards a patient’s rights and safety with a great probability of causing substantial harm. They are awarded in exceptional cases.

We’ve proven punitive damages at trial, including a $3,000,000 verdict for punitive damages against one of the largest medical companies in America.

Punitive damages are intended to punish, deter the defendant from doing the same thing in the future, and reform the nursing home industry.

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Where are The Laurels and Maplewood Facilities Located?

The Laurels and Maplewood Ohio Facilities 

MAPLEWOOD OF SHANE’S VILLAGE10731 State Route 118Rockford, OH  45882
THE LAURELS OF ATHENS70 Columbus CircleAthens, OH  45701
THE LAURELS OF BLANCHESTER839 Cherry StreetBlanchester, OH  45107
THE LAURELS OF CANTON2714 13th Street NWCanton, OH  44708
THE LAURELS OF CHAGRIN FALLS150 Cleveland StChagrin Falls, OH  44022
THE LAURELS OF DEFIANCE1701 S Jefferson AvenueDefiance, OH  43512
THE LAURELS OF GAHANNA5151 North Hamilton RdColumbus, OH  43230
THE LAURELS OF HAMILTON2923 Hamilton Mason RdHamilton, OH  45011
THE LAURELS OF HEATH717 South 30th StreetHeath, OH  43056
THE LAURELS OF HILLIARD5471 Scioto Darby RoadHilliard, OH  43026
THE LAURELS OF HILLSBORO175 Chillicothe AvenueHillsboro, OH  45133
THE LAURELS OF HUBER HEIGHTS5440 Charlesgate RoadHuber Heights, OH  45424
THE LAURELS OF MASSILLON2000 Sherman Circle NEMassillon, OH  44646
THE LAURELS OF MIDDLETOWN751 Kensington StMiddletown, OH  45044
THE LAURELS OF MILFORD934 State Route 28Milford, OH  45150
THE LAURELS OF MT. VERNON13 Avalon RoadMt. Vernon, OH  43050
THE LAURELS OF NEW LONDON204 W Main StreetNew London, OH  44851
THE LAURELS OF NORWORTH6830 N High StreetWorthington, OH  43085
THE LAURELS OF SHANE HILL10731 State Route 118Rockford, OH  45882
THE LAURELS OF STEUBENVILLE500 Stanton BoulevardSteubenville, OH  43952
THE LAURELS OF TOLEDO1011 Byrne RoadToledo, OH  43607
THE LAURELS OF WALDEN PARK5700 Karl RoadColumbus, OH  43229
THE LAURELS OF WEST CARROLLTON115 Elmwood CircleWest Carrollton, OH  45449
THE LAURELS OF WEST COLUMBUS411 Norton RdGalloway, OH  43228
THE LAURELS OF WORTHINGTON1030 High StreetWorthington, OH  43085

The Laurels and Maplewood Michigan Facilities 

MAPLEWOOD OF MARSHALL200 Westbrook CourtMarshall, MI  49068
MAPLEWOOD OF MT. PLEASANT1945 Churchill BoulevardMt. Pleasant, MI  48858
MAPLEWOOD OF SANDY CREEK425 E Elm StreetWayland, MI  49348
THE LAURELS OF BEDFORD270 N Bedford RoadBattle Creek, MI  49037
THE LAURELS OF CARSON CITY620 N 2nd StreetCarson City, MI  48811
THE LAURELS OF COLDWATER90 N Michigan AvenueColdwater, MI  49036
THE LAURELS OF FULTONRFD #1 4735 Ranger RoadPerrinton, MI  48871
THE LAURELS OF GALESBURG1080 N 35th StreetGalesburg, MI  49053
THE LAURELS OF HUDSONVILLE3650 Van Buren StreetHudsonville, MI  49426
THE LAURELS OF KENT350 N Center StreetLowell, MI  49331
THE LAURELS OF MT. PLEASANT400 S Crapo StreetMt. Pleasant, MI  48858
THE LAURELS OF SANDY CREEK425 E Elm StreetWayland, MI  49348

The Laurels and Maplewood Virginia Facilities

THE LAURELS OF BON AIR9101 Bon Air Crossings DriveRichmond, VA  23235
THE LAURELS OF CHARLOTTESVILLE490 Hillsdale DriveCharlottesville, VA  22901
THE LAURELS OF UNIVERSITY PARK2420 Pemberton RoadRichmond, VA  23233
THE LAURELS OF WILLOW CREEK11611 Robious RoadMidlothian, VA  23113

The Laurels and Maplewood North Carolina Facilities

THE LAURELS OF CHATHAM72 Chatham Business Park DrivePittsboro, NC  27312
THE LAURELS OF FOREST GLENN1101 Hartwell StreetGarner, NC  27529
THE LAURELS OF GREENTREE RIDGE70 Sweeten Creek RoadAsheville, NC  28803
THE LAURELS OF HENDERSONVILLE290 Clear Creek RoadHendersonville, NC  28792
THE LAURELS OF PENDER311 S Campbell StBurgaw, NC  28425
THE LAURELS OF SALISBURY215 Lash DriveSalisbury, NC  28147
THE LAURELS OF SUMMIT RIDGE100 Riceville RoadAsheville, NC  28805

The Laurels Indiana Location

THE LAURELS OF DEKALB520 W Liberty StreetButler, IN  46721