Hiring us as your attorneys involves a few stages:

  1. Initial contact and evaluation (should we investigate?)
  2. Investigation (gathering records and other information)
  3. Evaluation (is this a case?  Are we the right lawyers for you?)
  4. Moving forward

Initial Contact

The first thing to do is complete the form so we’ll have your information and can schedule a meeting to evaluate the case. Or call us at 216-777-8856 if you prefer.

You will likely not speak to us immediately, but will schedule a phone or in-person meeting. Why? Because we’re busy working on the important cases other families have entrusted to us. Just like we would not constantly take phone calls when we’re entrusted to work on your case.

You should also gather all the records and papers you have from the medical providers, go back and look for dates, names, and events that happened, and otherwise prepare to discuss the case. We’ll have a meeting and, if it seems like a case we’d be a good fit for, we’ll move into an investigation phase.


Investigating these kinds of cases involves gathering the information we need to evaluate why and how the person was injured, and whether that was negligent.

If not, there’s no viable case, no matter how lazy or poor the care.

So we’ll gather medical records and other evidence, interview family and witnesses, and put together an idea of what happened.

Evaluation and Next Steps

Once we’ve investigated, we’ll candidly tell you what we think about what happened, whether the medical provider is to blame, and what we think about the strength of the case.

Fair warning: we only take on clients whose cases we believe have very strong merits. We’re not lazy—the cases are still very complex, difficult, and expensive—but the risk to your family of being drawn into a difficult process with little chance of a positive outcome is not something we do.

Which means when we do take on a case, our reputation tells the other side this is a serious case we believe in.

If for whatever reason we do not take on the case, and we think there is some merit to the case, we’ll try and help you find a lawyer who might take it on.

So complete the form or call us at 216-777-8856 now so we can get started.  We’ll help you get answers about why this happened, and whether there is a viable lawsuit.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

Generally, this type of lawsuit costs a lot of money to bring to trial–tens of thousands of dollars–but you’ll never have to pay anything out of pocket.  Rather, we pay the up-front expenses, from ordering records to hiring experts to depositions and trial.

If we’re successful and recover money, the expenses are repaid from the recovery.  Never from your pocket.  If we’re not able to recover more than the expenses, we take the loss.

You also do not have to pay us for our time and effort out of pocket.  We’re paid out of the recovery, on a percentage basis (generally 40%).

That means if we spend $25,000 and hundreds of hours on a case, but lose, you owe nothing.  It is called a “contingency” contract: our fees and expense reimbursement are contingent on recovering you money, from trial or settlement.

How Can I Learn More?

When you complete the form or call us at 216-777-8856, we’ll send you a series of emails outlining how the process works, including:

  1. Your 8 Basic Rights: How to Make Sure Your Ohio Medical Negligence Lawyer is Doing Their Job;
  2. Anatomy of an Injury Lawsuit;
  3. Social Media Warning: 6 Simple Steps to Protect Your Case Right Now
  4. The 3 Rules of Communication: How We Stay Focused on Your Case

Please take the time to read these documents as they arrive.  They will help you understand how we approach these cases, and what you need to expect.

You’ll also have access to our library of books covering nursing home, stroke, and heart attack cases.