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What Clients are Saying About Us

I felt comfortable right away with having [William Eadie] handle our mom's case.  His knowledge of nursing homes was exceptional, this included both medical and how they are run.

Mark Maxim

Ohio Nursing Home Client

Attorney Hill was compassionate and really took the time to get to know my family and who our beloved one was. He is excellent at what he does and is highly recommended.

Renita Nicholson

Canton, Ohio

Michael and Will are forever part of our lives and our Family. I am forever grateful to both of them, and I am honored to call them my friends.

Marilyn Mazzone

Cleveland, Ohio Nursing Home Client

How We Can Help You

Nursing Home Abuse

Neglect, Abuse, Bedsores, Falls, Assault, Death

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Medical Negligence

Hospitals, ERs, Doctors, Nurses, Malpractice

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Stroke Malpractice

Delayed diagnosis or treatment of strokes

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Wrongful Death

A healthcare provider's negligence kills someone

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Our Team

William Eadie

I am a trial lawyer who helps families hurt by caregiver carelessness–such as nursing homes and hospitals–and hold the wrongdoers accountable.  I understand how the business of medicine can harm people, when corporations put their own profits ahead of providing quality care. [keep reading]

Michael Hill

I am a trial attorney who takes on hospitals and other medical corporations when they choose to put their own profits ahead of their patient’s safety.  My practice is focused on medical negligence and wrongful death, primarily delayed diagnosis and treatment of heart attacks and strokes, as well as birth injuries.  [keep reading]

Our No-Fear Guarantee

You’ve probably seen the lawyer ads: “No Fee Guarantee!” “No Fees if We Don’t Win!”   Guess what? That’s true for just about any plaintiff’s lawyer.  It’s what a “contingency fee” means.  It doesn’t mean they’ll work hard.  Or get a good result for you.  It doesn’t mean much at all.

What we promise you is a NO FEAR guarantee.

What does that mean?  For 99% of our clients, a medical injury caused by negligence is new.  The medical malpractice lawsuit process is new.  Depositions, discovery, trial . . . everything is new.

New can be scary.  Especially when it involves having to testify under oath.

We’ve developed systems that let you address and move past the fear.  Through education and information about the process.  Role-playing and other preparation techniques.  We empower you to be fearless.  Because this process is hard enough.

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A nursing home resident chokes to death from neglect and abuse

Family of Resident who Choked to Death Files Lawsuit Against Braeview Care & Rehab Center

Thomas Havelka died on April 11, 2017 after choking at Braeview Care & Rehabilitation Center in Euclid, Ohio. His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging negligence, recklessness, fraud, and ...
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Drug Maker Pushes Dangerous Drug Nuedexta on Nursing Home Residents

Do most nursing home residents who are prescribed the drug Nuedexta need it? It turns out, probably not. But many elderly nursing home residents are being given the drug, with ...
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An american road sign with sky background and copy space for your message, no elder abuse zone

Is Your Loved One a Victim of Elder Abuse and Neglect? Know the Signs!

Elder abuse is an epidemic in the United States. If you suspect that a senior is at risk from a neglectful or overwhelmed caregiver, you must speak up. Learn about ...
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New Research: Headaches Much More Common in Pediatric Strokes than Adult Strokes

New research presented at the 2017 International Stroke Conference taking place in Houston, Texas confirms childhood strokes may be linked to ...
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New Infographic Helps People Understand Pediatric Stroke

The American Stroke Foundation published an infographic to help people understand, identify, and react to strokes in children: Available for ...
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25 Things You Need To Know About Medical Malpractice

By The Numbers Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States.  Between 200,000 and 400,000 ...
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A doctor uses a tablet to communicate information about his patient.

What are Patient Handoffs and Why Does Your Life Depend on Them?

Doctors are sometimes required to see as many sixty patients in a single day. Each patient is entitled to care ...
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Jury Sends Strong Message to Nursing Home Industry by Assessing $4.4 Million Dollars for Death of Nursing Home Resident.

Leona Maxim died on August 23, 2013, eleven weeks after she was rolled out of bed for a second time ...
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